Paz Peña’s Portfolio

Tech, Feminism & Social Justice

Paz Peña’s Portfolio

Latin American Institute of Terraforming

Our first fanzine designed by the artist Constanza Figueroa

Artist rendering of Gigafactory Nevada (Image copyrights: Tesla)

Inaugural lecture of the institute

This is a space for feminist reflection that seeks, in a collective and transversal discussion, to think critically about technologies in the context of climate and ecological crisis in Latin America, generating narratives that allow us to build new possible futures, a feminist technological Terraforming.

We learn, reflect, and design multidisciplinary research using feminist theories and practices to understand the relationships between technology, the ecological/climate crisis, and social justice in Latin America. We mainly focus on three uses of technology in the context of the Anthropocene:

  • Lowering carbon emissions.
  • Living in the new climatic conditions.
  • Extracting carbon from the atmosphere.

In addition, we build instances of socialization and awareness of these findings, questions, and experiences in open spaces of dissemination that, precisely, help develop more and better knowledge.

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